StarFinder webETM full offline 2023


WebETM starfinder with optional add-ons for SDmedia 2014 and Rescuecards

No dependence on internet explorer/web browsers
First version so there may be some bugs here and there... let me know if you find anything that isnt working and ill make periodical updates.

diagrams, starfinder, and system info should be mostly full... connectors only some included. SDmedia is english only.  

C117, C118, R129, W140, X156
W163, W164, W166, W166_MY16
X167, R170, R171, R172, W176
W177, C190, R197, R199, W202
W203, W204, W205, W205_MY21
W206, C207, A208, C209, W210
W211, W212, W213, W213_MY21
C215, C216, C217, C218, C219
W220, W221, W222, W223, R230
R230_MY09, R231, A238, W240
W242, W246, X247, W251, X253
X290, W292, W293, W297, W451
W453, W463, W447
W447_MY20, W907e

For those having troubles with SDmedia, ive added a standalone version to the Mega folder.
Zero waiting time, and tested working. English only.

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