RNS SetConfig for RNS 510 / 810 / 850 / Bentley Continental


RNS SetConfig for RNS 510 / 810 / 850 / Bentley Continental

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RNS SetConfig Version: 2.5.1 & 2.8.1

Software version: 2.5.1

License: professional.

SetConfig is the only product in market which offers possibility to safely work with new hardware versions, including support for C12 H09 and above. It allows to identify the troublesome units, and there is a special fix procedure for them, after applying it is possible to change the PIN code and all identification data with SetConfig or even with any other tool. But if the unit was damaged and it is not able to boot, then the S29AL016 flash on motherboard must be reprogrammed with external EEPROM programmer and then SetConfig can be used to erase the NAND memory.



Hardware for SetConfig:
 hardware based on original FTDI chip (not blocked after FTDI driver update) and original VW 26-pin connector (part number: 7L6 972 726)

Operation description:
Connection goes through 26-pin connector.

How to use:
1. Plug power connector to RNS, if you connect RNS on the table.
2. Connect SetConfig cable to pinouts.
3. Launch the software. SetConfig automatically connects to RNS.

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