RNS 510 Manager MRM 7.18 PRO + RNS510 Code Finder


RNS 510 Manager MRM 7.18 Pro + RNS510 Code Finder



MRM Profi (Service tool for Video In Motion, PIN change, Serial Nr. config. HDD, etc. ...) is a top version of the MRM that feratures service and complete management of Volksvagen / Skoda / SEAT navigation systems, which includes:
* Volkswagen RNS 510 (MFD3)
* RNS-810 and RNS-810(w/GoogleMaps)
* Bentley navigation


* Video In Motion activator (selectable cut off speed)
* PIN code adjustment
* Car type change (switch between VW, Multivan, Touareg, Skoda or SEAT, toggle EU/NAR/CHN/KR/JAP version, ...)
* Serial number adjustment
* Skin type & Logo config
* TSW Mode Off
* Service Menu On
* FW Downgrade enable
* Factory info
* HDD config
* Production date & factory signature config
* DVD Region

New features and enhancements for the newest version 7.18:

* both 2 and 3 partitions HDD functions support
* fast backup/restore of music files: copy MP3/WMA files from HDD to SD and from SD to HDD
* install navigation map from SD card to HDD (map on physical DVD not needed anymore!)
* retrieve map-DVD from HDD (create map-DVD image on SD card)
* change LCD type setting for adapting LCD and motherboard (old CCFL type, newer LED-backlight-type, RNS-810/Phaeton big screen)
* RNS-810/Google and Bentley support (only TSW mode functions)
* new hardware-variants added for "car type" config, now there is a range of 55 (!) variants
* new version of USB drivers with Windows 2K, XP,Vista, 7/32 support, 64bit-unofficial (tests pending)
* warning message when entry TSW mode "Beware FW5238 because of TSW bug!"

New features and enhancements for last version 6.55:

* Serial Nr., VAG HW Nr., Factory ID, ... read & write
* new USB drive for better W7/32, XP and Vista compatibility (Win2000 users please use the old USB-driver version)
* runs smoother on slow computers
* Hungarian language (English, German and Czech are standard)

+all features of past Beta Version 6.03:
* harddisk functions
* LED backlight adjust and "black-screen-issue" tool
* better performance while reading/writing the device

What is Car Type Change?

Every brand of RNS 510 has specific configuration, so for example Skoda Columbus navigation will show Skoda logo, shows the green color scheme and only works with Skoda steering wheel control. However now you can switch this with the MRM Profi.
This will solve the problems with the rearview camera, steering wheel control, communication with the cluster screen (dash panel display), and all other problems, because the device is completely switched to the required config. You can now change Skoda to Volkswagen, Volkswagen to Seat or VW Touareg to Multivan/Caravelle and vice versa.
For the correct function it''s necessary to reload firmware using CD-ROM after changing the configuration. The change will be completed then, including part number identification (for example 1Z0 ----> 1T0).

Advantages of MRM profi:

* no need to add any expensive hardware to the car,
* no CAN filters, no problems with whicle speed information
* do not affect other functions of the navigation system,
* time saving - whole operation can be performed in a few seconds,
* no need to open the RNS device,
* high portabilty,
* works with all firmware versions.

How does it work?

The MRM set consist of two parts - software and USB interface cable.
Operation is very simple:
1 - pull out the navigation device from the dashboard
2 - connect the cable to the computer and the connector on back side of the navigation device
3 - run the MRM software and select requested function (i.e. Video In Motion activation),
4 - disconnect the cable and push the navigation back to dashboard.

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