BMW Immo ID Editor 2.42


BMW Immo ID Editor is software that you can use it to virginize BMW ECU . And you don't need to program,just do the synchronisation .

Note : BMW Immo Id Editor do not need interface ,just need the dump file read from other programmer .

BMW Immo Id Editor Support ECU Type :
Ms 42 Siemens (28FX00),Ms43 Siemens (29FX00),ME-9.2 Bosch (BGA Motorola),ME-9 Bosch (BGA motorola) ,BMs 46 Bosch , ME 7.2 Bosch ,me 5.2.1 Bosch .

BMW IMMO ID Editor Installation ystem Requirement :
OS :Windows XP/7/8
Minimum Specifications :
Processor : Intel core 2 duo 1.8 Ghz or ADM Athlon x2 2.4 GHz.
HDD :160GB

How to use BMW Immo ID Editor ?
This is very easy .if you order a new ECU you have to align the IMMO and ECU together that they will work .After this process is done inside the flash some datas are changed in the way that both moules can talk together .this process cant be reversed ,which means an aligment cant be done a second time .

In other words a used ECU in your car cant talk to the IMMO ,so the engine wont start.

With this software you can load the flash data in it an virginize the flash data in the way that a new alignment with an IMMO module is possible for one time .

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