ECU INFORMATION (CBT computer based training )

ECU INFORMATION (CBT computer based training )

New Computer Based Training (CBT)
Size : 129mb
Language : English
Type : Flash
CBT - Computer Based Training
this the rare tutorial program on electrical systems for modern cars. This program was prepared by German engineers in the field of automotive electricity that explain ECU in detail , how it work and understand its component . it containe three parts
part 1 : basic electronics
part 2 : signal forms
part 3 : operating principle of control units
The course deals with the following topics:
Introduction to electronics
Uniform current, its function and types (diode)
Transistor types and uses (transistor)
Signal discrimination (analog signal)
digital signal (digital signal)
Converting from the signal digitally
Initiate data transfer between controllers
The parts of the electronic control unit from the inside and the function of each part
Electronic control unit function
ECU control unit programming
You will get a RAR (110MB) file

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